Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A month's worth of info


We've been slacking off, I know. But we came up with an idea. Actually Tom came up with an idea. We'll each write something we know about the others, and gather a big mounting pile of extraneous information that people don't know about us.
It's going to be an anonymous thing. Some of us (hem, Tom and Kyle) might want to shoot out embarrassing information. I'll try to stick to the point. Jerry will probably be boring. I have no idea what Jimmy might come up with. So, here we go!


Sam and Tom are not completely identical - their eye color differs - Tom's eyes have a hint of blue

Even if Jerry and Jimmy are physically identical, no one ever mixed them up - their attitude is too different. And there are little things - Jimmy is better build, has a tattoo and doesn't always look worried.

Kyle is a Virgo.

Tom is hyperactive on his own most of the time - ergo, he doesn't ever drink coffee.

Sam has never properly kissed a girl. Even if he's had a girlfriend for almost six months.

Jerry can make bombs out of home depo supplies - it's not the making bombs part - it's the part where Jerry makes them. He could probably make bombs out of food.

Jimmy's not attracted to blonds...  at all.

Jerry is twenty minutes older than Jimmy and Sam is ten minutes older than Tom.

Kyle was supposed to be born sometime at the end of October (not in August). Oh, yeah, and he's the reason our parents got married. Mom was pregnant with him.

Jerry would rather read than watch TV.

Jimmy can hotwire cars  and pick locks. Tom can pick locks too.

Sam can't learn French - and believe me, he tried.

Kyle had a rock band in high school - he plays the guitar (acoustic and electric). Jimmy plays the piano, Tom's the drummer boy, Sam's okay-ish with the guitar too, and Jerry's a violin master.

Sam doesn't like to drive, but is decent at it. Tom didn't know how to drive stick shift. Jerry drives like a snail. Jimmy's the only decent competition. 

Sam's favorite color is red. Tom's is green, Jerry likes *grin* yellow. Jimmy and Kyle are the only ones manly enough not to have a favorite color.

Kyle and Tom hate peanut butter. I mean, who hates peanut butter?  

Jerry is afraid of his own feelings. He'd probably be more at home in the Middle Ages. He hates public display of affection.

Kyle gets really scary when he's angry.

Jimmy applied to MIT behind our parents' backs.

Even if they have brunette girlfriends, Sam and Tom both have a soft spot for blonds.

Jerry can be really cool and funny - it just doesn't happen very often. He's too busy playing the parent.

Kyle can speak Japanese.

Jimmy can write and draw with both hands. He says he draws faster and straighter with his left hand and writes faster with his right.

Tom's really into biology - especially genetics. He will one day become a lab rat.

Everyone thinks that Sam's the most mature out of all of us. They're probably right.

Jerry hits like a girl.

Under his tough exterior, Kyle's actually a really sweet, thoughtful guy.

Sam: And, there you have it. It wasn't so bad, was it? Except for the part with me not kissing Christine - they can't know that, and no one should care about that. And I'm not into blonds either.

Tom: No one said you'd admit any of this. You should, I know you're into blonds. At least I have the balls to admit it.  There's nothing in there that I find misleading or offensive - well, maybe the lab rat part.

Jimmy: Ha! I sound so totally cool.

Kyle: Okay, which one of you ladies felt confident enough to call me sensitive? 

Jerry: You should be grateful. Now, maybe not everyone will think you're a brute. And, by the way, just for not playing nice and calling me... how was that? Better suited for the Middle Ages? ... I'm not cooking tonight. Fill your bellies with leftovers and chips.

Tom: Aw, come on! I'm hungry. 

Jerry: Have some peanut butter, then.


Okay, this wasn't such a good idea after all. Kyle and Jerry just started yelling at each other again. Better go break it up. Maybe we should stick to diary like posts.