Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Title? Ugh, why do I need one of those?


OMG, Sam is such a dork! Getting all cutesy pie and introductory on everyone. Bottom line is, we're awesome. Yes, that's right, we're eighteen-year-old secret agents who battle evil and hope to save the world. (Me, Sam and Billy at least - the other guys are OLD)
BTW, I'm Tom. I'm Sam's crazy twin, in case you haven't caught on so far (about the crazy part, I mean). That was really nice of him, to call me cool. I guess I am. I'm a skateboarding pro, rock the drums and can walk on my hands (oh, yeah, that really annoys Sam - poor guy has no balance. Come to think of it, it annoys Jerry to - he always says I'll fall on my head eventually) I'm also a damn good ventriloquist.

Hmmm... guess I should say a bit more about myself. Oh, yeah, I have this weird thing about keeping my eyes covered. I always, always, always wear sunglasses. I tell most people I have photosensitive epilepsy so they'd get off my back, but here I have to be honest. Fortunately, my family doesn't mind.

Speaking of which, Jimmy and I used to be orphans. I mean, we grew up alone in a home and everything. It wasn't pretty. Jimmy had to work, like a million jobs to keep us both in school. I worked too - had about three jobs at a time at one point. But we still rocked in school.
The thing is, when we accepted the first mission and set off for Mexico, we ran into Sam, Jerry and Kyle. Who turned out to be our brothers. Apparently, Snitch Gravel kidnapped me and Jimmy at birth and shoved us in Texas.

Wait, you have no idea who Snitch Gravel is. He's this crazy SOB (keeping it clean for the kids) who hates our dad and wants to kill us. He also happens to be some mega-crime-boss, with tons of goons and money and weapons and shit. Not easy to handle. He's been making our lives hell for the past four months. He even had me tortured for a couple of days. And I mean, really tortured - whip and everything. By some sicko who wants to skin me alive. Ugh! *shudders* I don't want to talk about that anymore. I don't remember much about it anyway. Except the pain.

Right, something else. I get along great with my new family. I'm actually used to calling my parents Mom and Dad now. Though I do get into the occasional fight with Dad. Over my girlfriend. Dad doesn't really like the idea that we're dating. Not sure why. Sam says he's always been that way. I'm okay, though. Dad is only mildly annoyed by Angie. It's Kay (Kyle's girlfriend) he REALLY has a problem with. Not sure why - she's ultra sweet, and smart Yeah, there, I said it. But she is.

Angie's hot, too. Hottest of the lot, actually. That's why I went for her. Even if she's sooo stubborn and loves to shoot me down (and will probably hit me upside the head when she reads this - can I delete it?). Anyway, love her a whole bunch, even if I don't show it much. It's against the idea of me being cool.

Well, I'm out of ideas as to what to say. And I guess I should leave some room for the others.

See ya!

Monday, April 25, 2011



Hi everyone. This crazy woman called us and threatened to wipe me and my family off the face of the planet if we don't submit to, not sure how to call it. Exposure, I guess. Just want to let all of you know we don't really enjoy the attention we've been receiving lately. Even if it's been over three months since we came back from our first mission (yes, we have to be honest about what we do. Not exactly to my liking), the press is still on out backs. Worse than the mosquitoes in the jungle.

So, I'm supposed to tell you something about myself. And my brothers. BTW, sorry about the title thing (Kyle's idea)

*Huge sigh* My name is Sam Grant. Actually, my full name is Samuel Sirius Grant. Which I think was a really cruel joke my parents played on me. But Sirius was my grandfather's name, and I'm named after him. Anyway, very few people know my middle name. Which is a blessing.

So, yeah, my name is Sam and I'm eighteen. I go to 'Xavier Race' high school. All my classmates think I'm a complete geek because I always get huge grades. Now, they're confused.

I guess I should tell you's a bit more interesting than where I go to school or my grades. Though I'd love too keep talking normality. I'm a secret agent. There, I said it. I work for an agency called the C.I.I. More on what it does later.

I have a huge family. I have four brothers. One of them, Tom, is my twin. He's kinda crazy and everything I'm not. I mentioned being a geek. Well, Tom is the hight of cool. Girls loooove him. 
My older brothers, Jerry and Jimmy are also twins (weird, I know - but Mom was apparently on some fertility meds). Jerry's a geek and Jimmy's...I don't know. A really solid kind of guy - smart as hell, too. He's actually a bit intimidating. He can do a lot of intellectual stuff and still kick your butt.
And then there's Kyle. He's my oldest brother. And very intimidating - not in a bad way. And he can really kick your butt (as in super-strength kick your butt). More on that later - actually, I'll let them introduce themselves.

What more can I tell you about myself? I'm the leader of my division in the agency (due to an unfortunate accident) which means I get to boss my older brothers around (that's pretty neat. I actually love bossing Jerry around, since he always use to do it when we were growing up). 
I love maps - drawing them, reading them - you name it. I also love history - I've studied dead languages and cryptography, which turned out to be quite useful seeing as we mostly have to find ancient artifacts.
I'm also good at math - mathematical analysis math. Love that stuff, though half of my class doesn't get it.

I have a girlfriend (guess I should mention that too). Her name is Christine, she's my age and is simply gorgeous. Big amber eyes, chocolate brown hair, drop-dead-gorgeous face. And that body... okay, I'm not gonna go there. You get my point - she's gorgeous. Did I mention how gorgeous she is? Before I found out her name, I used to call her Gorgeous Girl. I have no idea how come she's my girlfriend. She's waaaay out of my league. 

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. By now, you guys must have gotten a general idea of where I stand. I'll let my bros take over. (I hate doing this anyway). I just hope that crazy lady with pen doesn't delete my whole family.