Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A month's worth of info


We've been slacking off, I know. But we came up with an idea. Actually Tom came up with an idea. We'll each write something we know about the others, and gather a big mounting pile of extraneous information that people don't know about us.
It's going to be an anonymous thing. Some of us (hem, Tom and Kyle) might want to shoot out embarrassing information. I'll try to stick to the point. Jerry will probably be boring. I have no idea what Jimmy might come up with. So, here we go!


Sam and Tom are not completely identical - their eye color differs - Tom's eyes have a hint of blue

Even if Jerry and Jimmy are physically identical, no one ever mixed them up - their attitude is too different. And there are little things - Jimmy is better build, has a tattoo and doesn't always look worried.

Kyle is a Virgo.

Tom is hyperactive on his own most of the time - ergo, he doesn't ever drink coffee.

Sam has never properly kissed a girl. Even if he's had a girlfriend for almost six months.

Jerry can make bombs out of home depo supplies - it's not the making bombs part - it's the part where Jerry makes them. He could probably make bombs out of food.

Jimmy's not attracted to blonds...  at all.

Jerry is twenty minutes older than Jimmy and Sam is ten minutes older than Tom.

Kyle was supposed to be born sometime at the end of October (not in August). Oh, yeah, and he's the reason our parents got married. Mom was pregnant with him.

Jerry would rather read than watch TV.

Jimmy can hotwire cars  and pick locks. Tom can pick locks too.

Sam can't learn French - and believe me, he tried.

Kyle had a rock band in high school - he plays the guitar (acoustic and electric). Jimmy plays the piano, Tom's the drummer boy, Sam's okay-ish with the guitar too, and Jerry's a violin master.

Sam doesn't like to drive, but is decent at it. Tom didn't know how to drive stick shift. Jerry drives like a snail. Jimmy's the only decent competition. 

Sam's favorite color is red. Tom's is green, Jerry likes *grin* yellow. Jimmy and Kyle are the only ones manly enough not to have a favorite color.

Kyle and Tom hate peanut butter. I mean, who hates peanut butter?  

Jerry is afraid of his own feelings. He'd probably be more at home in the Middle Ages. He hates public display of affection.

Kyle gets really scary when he's angry.

Jimmy applied to MIT behind our parents' backs.

Even if they have brunette girlfriends, Sam and Tom both have a soft spot for blonds.

Jerry can be really cool and funny - it just doesn't happen very often. He's too busy playing the parent.

Kyle can speak Japanese.

Jimmy can write and draw with both hands. He says he draws faster and straighter with his left hand and writes faster with his right.

Tom's really into biology - especially genetics. He will one day become a lab rat.

Everyone thinks that Sam's the most mature out of all of us. They're probably right.

Jerry hits like a girl.

Under his tough exterior, Kyle's actually a really sweet, thoughtful guy.

Sam: And, there you have it. It wasn't so bad, was it? Except for the part with me not kissing Christine - they can't know that, and no one should care about that. And I'm not into blonds either.

Tom: No one said you'd admit any of this. You should, I know you're into blonds. At least I have the balls to admit it.  There's nothing in there that I find misleading or offensive - well, maybe the lab rat part.

Jimmy: Ha! I sound so totally cool.

Kyle: Okay, which one of you ladies felt confident enough to call me sensitive? 

Jerry: You should be grateful. Now, maybe not everyone will think you're a brute. And, by the way, just for not playing nice and calling me... how was that? Better suited for the Middle Ages? ... I'm not cooking tonight. Fill your bellies with leftovers and chips.

Tom: Aw, come on! I'm hungry. 

Jerry: Have some peanut butter, then.


Okay, this wasn't such a good idea after all. Kyle and Jerry just started yelling at each other again. Better go break it up. Maybe we should stick to diary like posts. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Watch out!


Yup, you knew this would be coming. Sam is cringing, Jimmy and Tom are rolling their eyes and Jerry can probably be found under some table, all knocked out by the idea that I will eventually have to directly address the public.

I'm Kyle. I'm the only person in this group who can legally drink. That means I'm 21 and over, just in case you're slow. Do I drink? No. Why? Because I throw up if I do. I'm sure you all wanted to know that. Hmmm... maybe Jerry does have a point about me talking in public.

Anywho... I like to talk weird - as in use words and constructions in such a manner that you can't tell if I'm sarcastic or not (hint: I usually am). How can I describe myself? Rude, selfish, sarcastic, crazy, super-strong and, unfortunately, damn good-looking. The only people who's feelings I care about are my mom and Sam. Okay, I'm lying - there's Kay, Angie and Jessie, too. Angie's a sweet kid and Jessie's my best friend, so of course I care about them. And I guess Tina. Oh, yeah, you're probably wondering who Tina is - she's Jerry's girlfriend - I've noticed he forgot to mention he has a girlfriend. Blew your cover, Jer'.

Back to me - I was raised by my Uncle Max - he's Mom's twin - since I was two. Why my parents abandoned me there, I don't really know, and I've given up on finding out - no use fighting Dad and making Mom cry. I came home right before I turned 20 - right in time for college - Max had to resort to some really nasty trickery to get me to go home. Because I was happy in Texas. And I had Kay.

Fortunately, I still have Kay - else, I'd be really pissed. Kay's my girlfriend, but I think you've already figured that one out by now. Dad hates her and Mom loves her - I don't know which I find more annoying. I wish they'd both just like her. No, I take that back. I wish Dad would just get off my back or at least tell me why he wants me to break up with her so bad. Ain't happening, I can tell you that much.

Other stuff about me: I love cars, motorcycles and driving them - I'm not into the actual mechanics of them, like Jimmy - I love music (was in a band at some point - play guitar), fighting (drives Jerry crazy), movies and junk food. My dislikes - people who lie, pink stuff and anyone who can be cruel to animals. Also, anyone who can say I'm giving this 120% with a straight face. In life, you need to relax, too.

See... this wasn't so bad. I just gave random information, in a polite manner and now I can just finish this up and go do something more fulfilling. Like beat someone up or make out with my girlfriend (hah! Had to add this one if for Jerry- I honestly don't care what anyone thinks)

I'll probably be back in a while with my latest prank or angry rant about who pissed me off.

(I obviously don't care enough to give a proper farewell, so imagine the one that suits you)

Monday, May 23, 2011



Hey everyone. I'm Jimmy, Jerry's twin brother. Tom already mentioned all the craziness we went through what with being orphans and finding our family and everything. It was hard, but I believe it made us better people in the end. We learned how to look after each other.

Now, stuff about me. Well, I'm 19, obviously and prepping for college. I've applied to MIT and hope to get in on full scholarship. I know that I'm theoretically rich now, but I still can't get used to the fact that I don't have to work for a living anymore.
I'm into anything that has to do with building. Engineering of any kind - electronics, robotics, cars ( I love cars) even buildings.

Let me think, what else can I say. I'm decent at fighting and shooting - I guess no one said this before, but I actually like target practice. I'm not as proficient at it as I could be. Kyle is much better, but I do think that, if he wasn't all super-strength, we'd be equally matched in fighting skills. It's a pleasure to spar with him, anyway.
I get along with all my brothers. I seem to have something in common with each of them. Kinda makes me feel as if I lack a personality of my own. *shrug*

Jessie's a big part of my life. Who's Jessie? My girlfriend. I know, I still can't believe it either. I'm not exactly the luckiest person when it come to love. My first love turned out to be a horrible woman. I don't even want to think about her. I ended up with a hangover and a permanent tattoo after that relationship. Not to mention a complete lack of trust in women and relationships.
When I tried to get over her, I hooked up with Alice. Who turned out to have replaced Jerry with me. And was a total psycho-bitch. Literally. I haven't seen her since we broke up, and I'm honestly grateful. She almost got us killed a couple of times.

And then came Jessie. She's like... sun after a storm, and so far, everything is going great between us. Dad doesn't like her, big surprise there, but Mom seems to really like her and my brothers love her. She's like a sister to them. I'm getting overly optimistic because of her.

*shakes head* Okay, enough day-dreaming. You might be surprised that I'm so calm even if I'm practically forced to talk. I don't overly enjoy this, but I've had worse. I've been shot at, stabbed, almost drowned a couple of times. I thought I'd lost my brothers, almost lost Jessie... and I'm aware that will keep happening as long as we work for the agency, as long as Snitch Gravel is hunting us down.

Anyway, this is it from me. Last one up for the small intro is Kyle. You'll have fun with him. I know I do.

See ya!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Keep it civil


I don't know why my brothers are making such a big fuss out of this. Yes, Sam is right. I'm personally not crazy about the exposure either. I'd much rather lead a calm, normal life than have everyone asking left and right about our personal lives. But that doesn't mean we can't be polite and civil about it.
And Tom's bragging is not helping. I don't think that what we are doing is "awesome". More like a matter of necessity. It's not like we can back out of it now. Even if we would, Snitch Gravel would still try to kill us.

My name is Jerry, I'm nineteen and a student in my first year of college. Initially, I was accepted at an Ivy League school. Due to the circumstances, I remained at Chicago State. I'm not sure how much I resent it. I mean, who doesn't long for a higher education? But, on the other hand, leaving home would have meant that I couldn't spend time with my new brothers, get to know them. So there are good things that came with my decisions.

And when I say new brothers, I mean all three of them. Sure, I've had a year to get to know Kyle, but I made a mess of that. I've only really known him as long as I've known Tom and Jimmy. I'm ashamed to say that I've spent the rest of my time misjudging and mistreating him. He didn't make it easy either. He still doesn't, but I do have a sense of humor, no matter what anyone else might imply, and I know he is only joking.

Finding out I have a twin brother has been quite baffling. It was a shock to me how our parents could have let that happen. But, I guess, when Snitch Gravel is involved, much remains unexplained. I wish we at least knew his real name. Snitch Gravel is just a front he puts up, trying to hide his real persona beneath. Either no one knows, or no one wants to tell us.

We've had this trouble before -  people seem to always want to keep us in the dark: the agency, Herrison (our team coordinator), even our own father. Sam asked him why Snitch Gravel wants to kill us, and the story he produced was less than satisfactory. Something along the lines of a high school grudge. Completely unlikely. Sam wasn't satisfied with the answer either and he doesn't think Dad will give us more than that, at least for now.

It's weird how I've come to trust Sam's judgment. He usually swings between little brother and division leader. And, may I say, he's the best leader we could hope for. I, personally, am not good. When we got separated once, I counted on Tom to make all the decisions. Not that I can't think for myself. I'm the boss around the house. I just don't do well under pressure. I'm the only one in the family who wants out of this madness.

But I've gone astray. I was supposed to tell you about me. I love cooking - and my family all agree that I'm pretty good at it. I also enjoyed cleaning and putting things in order - Kyle always says it makes me anal, but I can tell he's joking when he says that. I do wish he'd take my example and quit leaving pizza boxes around the house.
I play the violin and can dance a wide variety of society dances. You might expect my rebellious siblings to laugh at me about all this. Well, if you must know, Kyle dances even better than I do, and the others are jealous that they can't. Jimmy actually started learning. Of course, for all the wrong reasons (he thinks it's a great way to innocently grope Jessie).

I speak French and like to spend my free time reading or doing chemistry experiments - that will be my major anyway. I love science. Just so you know, I hate comic-books. I'm not a nerd. Just someone focused on their well up-bringing and education. And manners. Sometimes I wish my brothers would do the same. I don't expect much. Maybe just that Kyle and Jimmy don't produce all the cuss words they know to see who is better prepared in that domain. Needless to say, Kyle usually wins.

I think I've said enough for now. I can hear all the laughing this will produce.
Oh, yes, I've remembered. The odd lady with life-or-death powers over us has instructed me to announce that we are apparently..."taking questions."

Well, goodbye, then

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Title? Ugh, why do I need one of those?


OMG, Sam is such a dork! Getting all cutesy pie and introductory on everyone. Bottom line is, we're awesome. Yes, that's right, we're eighteen-year-old secret agents who battle evil and hope to save the world. (Me, Sam and Billy at least - the other guys are OLD)
BTW, I'm Tom. I'm Sam's crazy twin, in case you haven't caught on so far (about the crazy part, I mean). That was really nice of him, to call me cool. I guess I am. I'm a skateboarding pro, rock the drums and can walk on my hands (oh, yeah, that really annoys Sam - poor guy has no balance. Come to think of it, it annoys Jerry to - he always says I'll fall on my head eventually) I'm also a damn good ventriloquist.

Hmmm... guess I should say a bit more about myself. Oh, yeah, I have this weird thing about keeping my eyes covered. I always, always, always wear sunglasses. I tell most people I have photosensitive epilepsy so they'd get off my back, but here I have to be honest. Fortunately, my family doesn't mind.

Speaking of which, Jimmy and I used to be orphans. I mean, we grew up alone in a home and everything. It wasn't pretty. Jimmy had to work, like a million jobs to keep us both in school. I worked too - had about three jobs at a time at one point. But we still rocked in school.
The thing is, when we accepted the first mission and set off for Mexico, we ran into Sam, Jerry and Kyle. Who turned out to be our brothers. Apparently, Snitch Gravel kidnapped me and Jimmy at birth and shoved us in Texas.

Wait, you have no idea who Snitch Gravel is. He's this crazy SOB (keeping it clean for the kids) who hates our dad and wants to kill us. He also happens to be some mega-crime-boss, with tons of goons and money and weapons and shit. Not easy to handle. He's been making our lives hell for the past four months. He even had me tortured for a couple of days. And I mean, really tortured - whip and everything. By some sicko who wants to skin me alive. Ugh! *shudders* I don't want to talk about that anymore. I don't remember much about it anyway. Except the pain.

Right, something else. I get along great with my new family. I'm actually used to calling my parents Mom and Dad now. Though I do get into the occasional fight with Dad. Over my girlfriend. Dad doesn't really like the idea that we're dating. Not sure why. Sam says he's always been that way. I'm okay, though. Dad is only mildly annoyed by Angie. It's Kay (Kyle's girlfriend) he REALLY has a problem with. Not sure why - she's ultra sweet, and smart and...hot. Yeah, there, I said it. But she is.

Angie's hot, too. Hottest of the lot, actually. That's why I went for her. Even if she's sooo stubborn and loves to shoot me down (and will probably hit me upside the head when she reads this - can I delete it?). Anyway, love her a whole bunch, even if I don't show it much. It's against the idea of me being cool.

Well, I'm out of ideas as to what to say. And I guess I should leave some room for the others.

See ya!

Monday, April 25, 2011



Hi everyone. This crazy woman called us and threatened to wipe me and my family off the face of the planet if we don't submit to this...um, not sure how to call it. Exposure, I guess. Just want to let all of you know we don't really enjoy the attention we've been receiving lately. Even if it's been over three months since we came back from our first mission (yes, we have to be honest about what we do. Not exactly to my liking), the press is still on out backs. Worse than the mosquitoes in the jungle.

So, I'm supposed to tell you something about myself. And my brothers. BTW, sorry about the title thing (Kyle's idea)

*Huge sigh* My name is Sam Grant. Actually, my full name is Samuel Sirius Grant. Which I think was a really cruel joke my parents played on me. But Sirius was my grandfather's name, and I'm named after him. Anyway, very few people know my middle name. Which is a blessing.

So, yeah, my name is Sam and I'm eighteen. I go to 'Xavier Race' high school. All my classmates think I'm a complete geek because I always get huge grades. Now, they're confused.

I guess I should tell you why...it's a bit more interesting than where I go to school or my grades. Though I'd love too keep talking normality. I'm a secret agent. There, I said it. I work for an agency called the C.I.I. More on what it does later.

I have a huge family. I have four brothers. One of them, Tom, is my twin. He's kinda crazy and everything I'm not. I mentioned being a geek. Well, Tom is the hight of cool. Girls loooove him. 
My older brothers, Jerry and Jimmy are also twins (weird, I know - but Mom was apparently on some fertility meds). Jerry's a geek and Jimmy's...I don't know. A really solid kind of guy - smart as hell, too. He's actually a bit intimidating. He can do a lot of intellectual stuff and still kick your butt.
And then there's Kyle. He's my oldest brother. And very intimidating - not in a bad way. And he can really kick your butt (as in super-strength kick your butt). More on that later - actually, I'll let them introduce themselves.

What more can I tell you about myself? I'm the leader of my division in the agency (due to an unfortunate accident) which means I get to boss my older brothers around (that's pretty neat. I actually love bossing Jerry around, since he always use to do it when we were growing up). 
I love maps - drawing them, reading them - you name it. I also love history - I've studied dead languages and cryptography, which turned out to be quite useful seeing as we mostly have to find ancient artifacts.
I'm also good at math - mathematical analysis math. Love that stuff, though half of my class doesn't get it.

I have a girlfriend (guess I should mention that too). Her name is Christine, she's my age and is simply gorgeous. Big amber eyes, chocolate brown hair, drop-dead-gorgeous face. And that body... okay, I'm not gonna go there. You get my point - she's gorgeous. Did I mention how gorgeous she is? Before I found out her name, I used to call her Gorgeous Girl. I have no idea how come she's my girlfriend. She's waaaay out of my league. 

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. By now, you guys must have gotten a general idea of where I stand. I'll let my bros take over. (I hate doing this anyway). I just hope that crazy lady with pen doesn't delete my whole family.